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HAS solution for women

Tackle the gender gap head-on with Your HAS.

With Australia’s national gender pay gap sitting at more than 13%, women face major challenges when it comes to saving for a deposit.

National government statistics show that, over the course of a year, women are paid (on average) around $13,000 less than their male peers.

When it comes to raising that crucial deposit, to buy their own property, this shortfall places women at a distinct disadvantage.

For single women and single mothers, the challenges are even greater. How are they supposed to save a 20% deposit when raising kids, meeting rising rental payments, and paying all the bills on their own?

When applying for traditional home loans, single women and mums are often – without justification – seen as a greater financial risk than couples.

Despite the fact they always meet their rental payments, and hold down a job, they meet unconscious bias and a raft of unfair perceptions about their reliability.

The solution is HAS shared equity!

tackle the gender gap with home affordability solutions

How can Your HAS help?

Looking for home buying programs for single mums? Our innovative solution can make buying your own home a reality.

We believe in simple and streamlined home loans for single mothers. You just need the right help to get off the sidelines, and onto the property ladder. 

Under the HAS shared equity scheme, you pay as little as 2.5% deposit. Your sponsor places funds into a registered property trust. Your broker finances the rest, and your property journey is underway.

The sponsor can be a friend, family member, yourself or community support group. To date, investors have been individuals, companies, trusts and SMSFs. HAS shared equity makes up the remaining 17.5% of your deposit, and you have a clear pathway to paying it back.

When buying a home as a single mum, you’re desperate to find a way out of the ten-year rent cycle. After all, that’s how long it can take to raise the conventional 20% deposit, if you get there at all.

As a single mum first time buyer, you need to think outside the box. And that’s the beauty of the HAS shared equity scheme.

It allows you to bypass the conventional home loan route and purchase the property you’ve always dreamed of – in a realistic and manageable way. 

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