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Navigating Property Deposit Challenges: Key Hurdles in Wealth Building

Accumulating sufficient funds for property deposits presents a significant hurdle in building wealth. High deposit requirements and stringent lending criteria pose formidable challenges for many aspiring investors.

Market fluctuations introduce additional uncertainty, potentially eroding the value of accumulated deposits. Lengthy periods of deposit accumulation can delay wealth growth, limiting investment opportunities.

Overcoming deposit challenges is a crucial step towards entering the property market and realising long-term financial goals. It requires strategic planning, disciplined saving, and perseverance in the face of obstacles.

High Deposit Requirements

Accumulating a significant deposit for property investment can be challenging due to high upfront costs.

Tight Lending Criteria

Strict lending criteria, including creditworthiness and income stability, can make it difficult to secure financing.

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Cash Flow Shortages

Rental income may not always cover mortgage payments and other expenses, leading to cash flow issues.

5 Steps to Financial Freedom: Your Path to Property Investment Success

Embark on your property investment journey with confidence and ease. Begin by securing your deposit, leveraging a 2.5% LVR deposit with investor support to bring you closer to your dream property.

Seek expert guidance from an accredited HAS brokers, who provide access to our deposit boost solution, ensuring a smooth navigation of your investment journey.

Enjoy hassle-free finance as you apply for 80% LVR finance through one our first lenders and HAS, bypassing LMI. Explore properties with conditional approval in hand, allowing you to discover your ideal investment.

Celebrate as your investment journey reaches a milestone with secured formal approval, marking the beginning of planning for your new property venture.

Attain your homeownership objective with a low-interest with HAS, in return for a share of capital growth. We’re committed to supporting you throughout the journey.







Ready to Invest in Property

You are ready to embark on the journey of property investment.

Have a 2.5% deposit + investor support

You have saved a 2.5% LVR deposit and have an investor supporting your home purchase.

Talk to a HAS accredited broker

To access our deposit boost solution, connect with an accredited HAS broker.

Apply for finance, avoiding LMI.

With broker support, apply for 80%LVR finance with one of our first lenders in conjunction with HAS, to bypass LMI.

Find your ideal home

Once you’ve obtained conditional approval, it’s time to find the home you want to buy.

Receive formal approval!

Formal approval secured! It’s time to celebrate and start planning for your new home.

Everyone WINS – Our homebuyer enters the property market without LMI, while investors earn returns on a property portfolio with minimised risk.

Unlocking Property Investment: Low Deposit Solutions for Building Wealth

Empowering clients to fulfill their investment aspirations, we alleviate the burden of high deposit requirements, offering entry into the property market with minimal upfront costs.

Over a three-year establishment period, we facilitate lower monthly repayments, enabling investors to ease into the market while building wealth. Our tailored solutions provide access to investment opportunities that may otherwise seem out of reach, fostering confidence and excitement in realising financial goals.

With our support, clients can navigate the complexities of property investment with ease, embarking on a journey towards long-term wealth accumulation and financial security.

Reduce Monthly Payments

Enjoy reduced monthly payments with our tailored solutions, paving the way for financial flexibility and investment growth.

2.5% deposit + No LMI

Secure your property investment with a 2.5% deposit and skip LMI, ensuring affordability and financial advantage in your investment journey.

3-year Establishment Period

3-year establishment period lowers costs, easing entry into investment market. Enjoy reduced expenses and a smoother transition into investing.

Why Choose Us

Choose us for innovative home financing. Enjoy low deposits, no LMI, competitive fixed rates, and flexible 30-year terms.

2.5% Deposit, NO LMI

Unlock homeownership with just 2.5% deposit and no LMI fees. Affordable paths to owning a home

3.25% IO Fixed 5 years

Break out of the rent cycle, buy your own home. Why struggle for up to ten years, to save that hefty deposit?

Up to 30-Year Loan Terms

Save money, avoid costly lender’s mortgage insurance. Limit borrowing to 80% of property value and bypass LMI.


What our customers are saying

“We cannot thank you enough for your kindness, understanding and commitment to getting us across the line. You have made our dream of building our own home a reality and we are SO grateful to you. Highly recommend HAS, people who genuinely care for you and treat you as an individual and not a number. Highly recommend these guys, you won’t regret it. Thank you so much ”


“Finally the problem is solved! – as a realestate and credit licensee I have seen so many home buyers forced into high rates, large upfront lenders mortgage insurance premiums plus other hardships like forcing parents to tie up their home to help their children — Home Affordability Solutions provides a real alternative and makes purchasing a home possible AND affordable, at a time when buyers – young and old – are finding it hard. Peter and his team have a responsible approach, unlike so many spruikers in this space – and genuinely have the clients interests at heart.”


“The Team @ HAS has been great, a very positive experience. They presented the most suitable options available in the market and were instrumental in reaching the goal. Their industry knowledge and caring approach is amazing, I highly recommend their services.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors continue to enjoy our fixed interest rate of 3.25% for a 5-year term, aligned with the first mortgage's maximum 30-year term.

We cover the additional deposit required to meet the 20% deposit to avoid LMI. Regardless of your initial deposit, we ensure the remaining amount.

The inclusion of our first 3-year facility allows repayments solely on the primary mortgage, preventing any setbacks. This alleviates pressure during rental income fluctuations.

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