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Shared equity solutions: The bridge to property ownership.

As property prices soar in Australia’s capital cities, workers are struggling to buy their own home.

With rent payments also rising, many hard-working Australians who’d love to buy a property are stuck in the rent cycle, unable to raise their 20% deposit.

HAS shared equity is the road out of the rental prison.

It paves the way for many young professionals, families, divorcees and migrants, who would otherwise struggle for years to save enough money.

All it takes is a micro deposit (as little as 2.5%), a sponsor to invest in a registered trust, and a broker to finance the remainder.

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How can we help your clients?

Using HAS shared equity, you can help a far bigger pool of clients to achieve their home ownership dream.

They will enjoy 3.25% fixed interest on the loan’s shared equity portion, for five years. With sponsorship, this shared equity percentage can increase to 37.5%, making the loan more serviceable.

A micro deposit of 2.5% is enough to secure their property, making it a great option for those often locked out of the property market – young professionals and families, migrants, divorcees and single parents

With HAS shared equity, your client’s name is on the title deeds. They own the property 100%.

How does it work?

There are four key steps in the process.

– Buyer selects their desired property.

– Buyer presents 2.5% deposit.

Sponsor invests funds into a registered property trust

HAS shared equity boosts buyer’s deposit to 20%.

You arrange balance of finance.

This is based on an 80% LVR first mortgage with a standard lender, using Your HAS shared equity product (17.5%) and your client’s 2.5% cash deposit.

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A few key points.

– HAS shared equity avoids costly LMI.

– Home owner pays out remaining 17.5% after a minimum term of three years.

– Target clients have reliable income and serviceability but lack required deposit.

– Sponsors/Investors profit from returns across the trust’s entire property portfolio.

– Minimum capital growth of 10% applies to any property discharge after a minimum three years term.

How to get accredited?

HAS shared equity acts as a lead magnet for clients. Why not become an accredited broker with us? To start the process, fill out our application form. Once you are registered, our Accreditations Team will be in contact with you asap regarding next steps.

As an accredited HAS broker, you will have access to great things like: Broker brochure, Servicing Calculator guides, Newsletters, Training pack, HAS disclosure documents, and more…Click on the button below to apply!

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