Low Deposit Solution for Homeownership

Introduce our innovative low deposit solution, offering low monthly repayments in exchange for a share of future capital growth.

Unlock Homeownership with HAS: Leading Solution for Low Deposit Challenges

As Australia’s leading solution for home buyers and investors facing deposit challenges, HAS offers a unique opportunity. With a low deposit boost in exchange for a share of capital growth, HAS paves the way for homeownership.

This innovative approach caters to young professionals, families, divorcees, migrants, and investors alike, all seeking to overcome the hurdle of a hefty deposit.

With support from an investor in a registered trust, clients can secure their dream home with a minimal deposit requirement (as low as 2.5%), backed by expert assistance from an accredited broker.

How we help your clients?

We facilitate clients’ entry into the property market by offering tailored solutions to overcome common barriers. With a fixed 3.25% interest-only rate for five years and flexible loan terms aligned with their needs, stability is ensured.

Our ability to refinance and exit after three years adds further convenience. With just a 2.5% deposit requirement and support to manage both first and second mortgages, we empower clients, including young professionals, families, migrants, divorcees, and single parents, to secure their property.

Our flexibility with LVR ratios enhances their borrowing power. With 100% ownership of the property, clients can access government grants toward their deposit, ensuring a seamless path to property ownership.

Empower Your Clients: Your Guide to Providing Exceptional Service and Solutions

HAS is Australia’s premier solution for homebuyers and investors facing deposit challenges. Our model offers a low deposit boost in exchange for a share of property growth, enabling customers to secure homes with just a 2.5% deposit (plus costs) and avoid LMI.

Here’s how it works:
HAS provides a funding line of 17.5% LVR alongside an 80% LVR mortgage from a first lender, offering your clients an ease into the property market. Clients enjoy a fixed 3.25% interest-only rate for 5 years with HAS, matching the first lender’s loan term.

The security held is a second mortgage, ensuring clients retain ownership of the property. They remain eligible for government grants, which can contribute to their 2.5% deposit. All HAS fees and the first 3 years of repayments are included within the facility, reducing upfront costs.

Eligibility requires servicing both mortgages, a 2.5% deposit + costs, and investor support. Clients can refinance and exit from 3 years.







Guide Your Clients Through the Journey of Homeownership or Investment

Empower your clients by guiding them through the exciting journey of homeownership or property investment. As their trusted advisor, you’ll provide expert insights and support every step of the way.

Your Clients have a 2.5% deposit + investor support

Ensure your clients have the necessary investor support and a 2.5% deposit to seize opportunities in the real estate market.

Guide Your Clients to Specialised HAS Solutions

As an Accredited HAS Broker, steer clients to tailored solutions for their property needs.

Support Your Clients in Securing Finance Without LMI

Assist your clients in obtaining finance without the burden of Lender's Mortgage Insurance (LMI). With your expertise and support, they can access favourable lending options and avoid unnecessary costs.

Help Your Clients Discover Their Ideal Property with Conditional Approval

Guide your clients in finding their dream home once they've obtained conditional approval. Use your knowledge of the market to help them explore properties and make informed decisions.

Celebrate Your Clients’ Success with Formal Approval!

Celebrate with your clients as they receive formal approval for their new home or investment property. Your dedication and assistance have played a crucial role in their success.

Be the hero: Broker success secures your clients’ entry into the property market without LMI, ensuring lower repayments and minimised risk for investors.

What Sets Us Apart: Unveiling Our Unique Advantages

How to get accredited?

HAS acts as a lead magnet for clients. Why not become an accredited broker with us? To start the process, fill out our application form. Once you are registered, our Accreditations Team will be in contact with you asap regarding next steps.

As an accredited HAS broker, you will have access to great things like: Broker brochure, Servicing Calculator guides, Newsletters, Training pack, HAS disclosure documents, and more…Click on the button below to apply!

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