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Single Parents

low deposit loan for single parents

Overcoming the single parent home loan divide.

We understand your pain. As a single parent, you battle alone with children, household duties and financial insecurity.

Separated, divorced, or widowed, you work tirelessly to raise the deposit needed to buy your own home. 

It’s frustrating. You earn enough to service a loan. You always meet your rent repayments, but there’s just not enough left over to build a 20% deposit.  

It’s painful, too. You crave the stability and security of your own home. It’s the best way to look after your own and your children’s future. 

Why not use HAS shared equity for a single parent home loan you can afford?

single parents home loan

Buying a home as a single parent.

Don’t give up on your property dream.

We specialise in helping people access home loans with affordable solutions, including first time home buyer single parent loans. It’s the quickest, most affordable way to provide a home for your family.

Don’t give up on your property dream. Our HAS shared equity solution allows you to buy with 2.5% deposit and lower repayments for the first five years.

Buying a house as a single mother.

If you’re a single mum, you know exactly how hard it is to juggle the tasks each day. The school run, shopping, housework, work commitments . . . it’s an exhausting list.

When you have to manage the bills, all on your own, it’s hard to save for that house deposit.

Add the gender pay gap to the mix, and it’s harder still. Not to mention the unconscious bias many single mums face when applying for a conventional home loan. With the right family or community sponsor, or using a suitable SMSF, buying the home you crave is suddenly within reach.

HAS shared equity allows you to find a single mother home loan using a micro deposit and reduced initial repayments.

Buying a house as a single father.

As the number of single father homes continues to rise, it’s important to note that dads face unique challenges when bringing up their kids alone. Many struggle for social acceptance, pushing against the convention that women should be raising the children.

They may find it hard to explain mum’s absence and settle their children’s fears. Used to providing support in practical ways, many men find it hard to ask for support when they need it themselves.

Tasked with earning a living, looking after kids and running the home, it’s easy to get stuck in the rent cycle.

How can you raise the deposit you need to buy a home, and secure your children’s future? HAS shared equity offers a realistic and affordable answer.

How does our 2.5% deposit for 1st home buyer solution work?

Our HAS shared equity solution offers first home ownership in several easy steps.

– You select the property you want to purchase.

– You present your 2.5% deposit.

– A sponsor/investor places funds into a public residential trust.

– HAS shared equity boosts your deposit up to 20%.

– A broker arranges balance of finance, avoiding LMI.

Your sponsor/investor can be a family member, friend, colleague, community group or SMSF.  It’s up to you.

A sponsor/investor places funds into a public residential trust, and you share the property growth equity with the trust.

home loan process for single parents

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