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Securing Your Dream Home:
Navigate the Path to Ownership with
Our Home Loan Deposit Solutions

Welcome to a New World of Homeownership

For over a decade Home Affordability Solutions (HAS) has empowered Australians to enter the property market and build property portfolios.

Our unique home loan alternative is embraced by individuals, investors, and families, offering a path to homeownership amidst economic challenges.

Tailored to the evolving needs of new generations, HAS fosters a supportive community where investors and families assist each other in achieving their homeownership and property investment goals.

Who we help!

For over a decade, our team has aided hard-working Australians in overcoming property market hurdles, providing deposit boost solutions for all future homeowners.

Single Parents

HAS offers affordable home loans, easing financial burdens for single parents.


HAS provides accessible home financing solutions for those starting anew after divorce.


HAS supports migrants in achieving homeownership through tailored loan options.


HAS helps parents secure their family's future with flexible and affordable home loan options.

Young Professionals

HAS enables young professionals to enter the property market with low deposit options.

First time home buyers

HAS assists first-time buyers in purchasing their dream home with low deposit solutions.


HAS offers financial support for families seeking stability and homeownership.


HAS offers refinancing solutions, lowering mortgage payments and providing financial flexibility.

Why Choose Us

Choose us for innovative home financing. Enjoy low deposits, no LMI, competitive fixed rates, and flexible 30-year terms.

2.5% Deposit, NO LMI

Unlock homeownership with just 2.5% deposit and no LMI fees. Affordable paths to owning a home

3.25% IO Fixed 5 years

Break out of the rent cycle, buy your own home. Why struggle for up to ten years, to save that hefty deposit?

Up to 30-Year Loan Terms

Save money, avoid costly lender’s mortgage insurance. Limit borrowing to 80% of property value and bypass LMI.

Building Hope, Dignity and Security:
Our Promise to Every Australian’s Homeownership Journey

As CEO, I am deeply passionate about helping individuals achieve their dreams of homeownership. At our company we are dedicated to supporting all Australians on their journey towards owning a home. Every person deserves the opportunity to build a secure future, and we strive to make that dream a reality. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to invest our team is committed to providing personalised solutions and unwavering support. Together, let’s create a community where everyone can thrive and find their place to call home.

Beth Comino

Chief Executive Officer


What our customers are saying

“We cannot thank you enough for your kindness, understanding and commitment to getting us across the line. You have made our dream of building our own home a reality and we are SO grateful to you. Highly recommend HAS, people who genuinely care for you and treat you as an individual and not a number. Highly recommend these guys, you won’t regret it. Thank you so much ”


“Finally the problem is solved! – as a realestate and credit licensee I have seen so many home buyers forced into high rates, large upfront lenders mortgage insurance premiums plus other hardships like forcing parents to tie up their home to help their children — Home Affordability Solutions provides a real alternative and makes purchasing a home possible AND affordable, at a time when buyers – young and old – are finding it hard. Peter and his team have a responsible approach, unlike so many spruikers in this space – and genuinely have the clients interests at heart.”


“The Team @ HAS has been great, a very positive experience. They presented the most suitable options available in the market and were instrumental in reaching the goal. Their industry knowledge and caring approach is amazing, I highly recommend their services.”

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