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Helping you buy your home with a micro deposit.

We don’t believe anyone should be locked out of the property market. 

That’s why we are dedicated to helping the widest possible cross-section of people access a home loan with low deposit, so they can realise their dream of property-ownership.

Extensively used overseas, this small deposit mortgage solution is growing in popularity here. Yet many people are still unaware of its life-changing potential. 

We’ve tailored our product to suit the needs of Australian home-buyers, so you too can enter the property market more easily and quickly.

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Why shared equity?

 “We have four kids. I remember a time when we couldn’t save a deposit, however hard we tried. Yet we could pay rent, and could have serviced a loan.” – The Cominos

So, you can service a loan. But how do you raise the substantial deposit required to kick off your home owning journey? We get it!

Fortunately, a minimum deposit home loan is now a reality for many who struggle to save a deposit. Our team gets that.

This is why we offer easy home loans, Australia-wide. We can empower you to buy your home with a micro deposit, using HAS shared equity.

Meet the team

peter comino

Peter Comino

Chief Operating Officer

Beth’s husband and a busy dad, Peter understands the challenges of parenting while running a home and business.

 As Chief Operating Officer, Peter oversees the management of Home Affordability Solutions Pty Ltd.

 He keeps us all on track!

beth comino

Beth Comino

Chief Executive Officer

Proud wife and mother of four, Beth happily juggles parenting with her role as Chief Executive Officer of Home Affordability Solutions Pty Ltd. 

Active within the company since 2012, she’s passionate about helping others experience the dignity and security of owning their own home.

peter delaney

Peter Delaney


Deeply experienced in financial markets, Peter is Principal of the Storehouse group of companies, formed in 1987. 

As a qualified actuary and accountant, he has more than thirty years’ expertise in every aspect of property investment and finance. He’s also acutely aware of the property challenges faced by hard-working Australians.

Tried and tested!

Shared equity arrangements and property trusts are subject to strict financial regulations. Shared equity has been used extensively overseas, particularly in the UK, and here in Australia.

-When you buy a house with HAS shared equity, you are 100% owner, and your name is on the property title.

-When you put money into a registered property trust, the trust is independently audited, open to public scrutiny, managed by a licensed funds manager and registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

– When you enter a HAS shared equity contract, the terms are typically 30 years (like a conventional mortgage) with a three years minimum term. 

Are you eligible?

How can HAS shared equity work for you? Test your eligibility. Start your journey today!

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