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Refinance your mortgage with the help of HAS to ease the impact of rising interest rates and secure our financial future

Securing Your Home: Navigating Refinancing Challenges in Australia’s Uncertain Economy

In today’s uncertain Australian economy, refinancing your mortgage can be tough. Interest rates and credit requirements keep changing, making it hard to find good deals.

Economic instability means your income might fluctuate and getting a loan can be tricky. There’s also more paperwork and financial stress to deal with. Market changes affect mortgage rates and rules, and government actions to help the housing market can affect your refinancing options.

If you decide to sell and start over, you might even lose your deposit. It’s a complex situation for homeowners to navigate.

Increased Interest Rates

Rising interest rates pose challenges for home buyers, impacting affordability and long-term financial planning strategies.

Mortgage Repayments

Higher mortgage payments strain homeowners, emphasizing the need for careful financial planning to maintain stability and meet obligations.

Cost of Living

Beyond higher interest rates and repayments, everyday expenses have surged, adding pressure on Australians’ financial well-being.

5 Steps to Financial Freedom: Your Path to Home Loan Refinancing Success

Experience financial freedom through our streamlined home loan refinancing process. Begin by exploring tailored options to meet your unique needs and goals. Simplify your finances by consolidating additional debts into your home loan, providing greater control and clarity.

Connect with an accredited HAS broker for expert guidance and support throughout the process. With their assistance, apply for up to 80%LVR finance in conjunction with HAS, avoiding Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and reducing upfront costs.

Celebrate as you receive formal approval, marking the start of a brighter financial future. Trust in our comprehensive refinancing solution to alleviate pressure and secure a more manageable repayment plan, backed by peace of mind and expert assistance at every turn.

Achieve your refinancing goals with a low-interest with HAS, in return for a share of capital growth. We’re committed to supporting you throughout the journey.






Time to look at Home Loan Refinancing

Explore refinancing options to alleviate financial pressure and secure a more manageable repayment plan for your home loan

Consolidate Your Debts

Consider consolidating additional debts into your home loan for streamlined financial management

Talk to a HAS accredited broker.

To access our HAS refinance solution, connect with an accredited HAS broker.

Apply for finance, avoiding LMI.

With broker support, apply for up to 80%LVR finance with one of our first lenders in conjunction with 17.5% LVR HAS and bypass LMI.

Receive formal approval!

Once you’ve obtained conditional approval, it’s time to find the home you want to buy.

Everyone WINS – Our refinanced homeowner stays within the property market without LMI and reduced monthly repayments, while investors earn returns on a property portfolio with minimised risk.

Empowering Financial Stability: Our Refinancing Solutions Offer Lower Rates for Clients Success

By offering refinancing options with lower interest rates and a 3-year establishment period, we’ve empowered our clients to maintain their homes while reducing their financial burden.

Our solutions ensure that they can manage their expenses without compromising their lifestyle. It’s gratifying to provide them with the peace of mind and financial flexibility they need to pursue their goals confidently. As a lender we take pride in delivering solutions that not only save our clients money but also empower them to take control of their financial future.

Helping them achieve stability and freedom is our ultimate goal, and we’re thrilled to see the positive impact of our offering.


Cut monthly payments with refinancing, keeping part of your loan at 3.25%, making homeownership more affordable and manageable.

Access Home Equity

Maximise your homes potential with refinancing options, leveraging your position and avoiding LMI, even with up to 97.5%LVR.

Consolidate Debt

Consolidate debt into your home loan, maintaining 2.5%equity to unlock financial flexibility and streamline repayments.

Why Choose Us

Choose us for innovative home financing. Enjoy low deposits, no LMI, competitive fixed rates, and flexible 30-year terms.

2.5% Deposit, NO LMI

Unlock homeownership with just 2.5% deposit and no LMI fees. Affordable paths to owning a home

3.25% IO Fixed 5 years

Break out of the rent cycle, buy your own home. Why struggle for up to ten years, to save that hefty deposit?

Up to 30-Year Loan Terms

Save money, avoid costly lender’s mortgage insurance. Limit borrowing to 80% of property value and bypass LMI.


What our customers are saying

“We cannot thank you enough for your kindness, understanding and commitment to getting us across the line. You have made our dream of building our own home a reality and we are SO grateful to you. Highly recommend HAS, people who genuinely care for you and treat you as an individual and not a number. Highly recommend these guys, you won’t regret it. Thank you so much ”


“Finally the problem is solved! – as a realestate and credit licensee I have seen so many home buyers forced into high rates, large upfront lenders mortgage insurance premiums plus other hardships like forcing parents to tie up their home to help their children — Home Affordability Solutions provides a real alternative and makes purchasing a home possible AND affordable, at a time when buyers – young and old – are finding it hard. Peter and his team have a responsible approach, unlike so many spruikers in this space – and genuinely have the clients interests at heart.”


“The Team @ HAS has been great, a very positive experience. They presented the most suitable options available in the market and were instrumental in reaching the goal. Their industry knowledge and caring approach is amazing, I highly recommend their services.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as your primary mortgage with one of our first lenders remains under 80%LVR, HAS will cover the additional eliminating the need for LMI

You’ll need to ensure you maintain at least 2.5%LVR equity in your home to proceed with the refinance.

Refinancing will entail exit fees from your current mortgage and new application fees. Your broker can provide more details. With HAS, all fees are rolled into the loan, so no upfront payment is required.

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