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Refinance Home Loans

Beat the rising cost-of-living crisis with HAS Refinance Home Loan solutions!

On a mortgage currently and feeling the cost-of-living squeeze? We get it, inflation and interest rate rises have been a real challenge for Australian homeowners on a mortgage.

It’s difficult for families to live with the current interest rates.

Which is why HAS offers Refinance Home solutions through shared equity!

With HAS shared equity Refinance Home Loan solutions, you can split your mortgage debt/loan into two separate facilities thereby reducing your monthly payments considerably across the next three years.

HAS refinance solutions

HAS mortgage refinance through shared equity, an innovative solution to the cost of living!

As interest rates soar due to inflation, homeowners seek relief from financial strain.

Traditional lending may not always offer viable solutions, but shared equity mortgage refinance presents an innovative answer.

HAS shared equity can be applied to an existing mortgage by splitting the mortgage between a standard lender and shared equity, homeowners gain immediate financial support and a chance to cope with living costs.

With three years of reprieve, this approach to mortgage refinance could mean the difference between keeping one’s home or facing the prospect of selling. Shared equity refinance offers flexibility and a lifeline for homeowners in turbulent economic times.

How does HAS shared equity mortgage refinance work?

Shared Equity can be a better way to refinance home loans.

Mortgage refinance with HAS shared equity works by allowing customers to split their current debt facility (mortgage) into two separate facilities.

The process is designed to reduce monthly repayments, particularly during the first three years.

The shared equity portion begins at a rate of 3.25%, and the funding for this portion is provided for the initial three years.

This approach provides customers with the opportunity to enjoy lower monthly mortgage payments, making homeownership more affordable.

Who can refinance their home loans with HAS?

To be eligible for refinancing with HAS shared equity, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Ability to service a shared equity loan package.
  2. A good credit score of 600 or higher.

Your sponsor places funds into a public residential trust. Sponsors can be a family member, friend, colleague, community group or SMSF.  It’s up to you.  See our Sponsors page for information.

Did you know?

A better deal with home equity loan refinance

If you have 90% LVR on your mortgage, you can refinance your home loan into HAS Shared Equity and lower your debt facility with the first lender below 80% LVR, thus avoiding LMI.

A BIG difference with traditional refinance.

As a guide, as of July 2023, with HAS mortgage refinance solutions on a $600,000 loan you could save $7,000 - $8,000 per annum over first three years.

A proven, reliable and affordable solution.

Shared equity is an innovative and cost-reducing alternative to traditional home loans used in other parts of the world.
We want Australians to reap its full benefits.

Are you eligible?

How can HAS shared equity work for you? Test your eligibility. Start your journey today!

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