Community-Led Homeownership Investment

Transforming Homeownership: Invest and Empower Communities

Our product offers an alternative to the traditional “family guarantee” by providing families and communities with a platform to support individuals in purchasing a home while also earning returns on their investment.

This innovative approach allows investors to contribute to the homeownership journey without directly guaranteeing the mortgage, thereby minimising their risk exposure. By investing in our funder, a registered property trust, individuals can help others achieve their homeownership goals while benefiting from a reliable return on investment.

This collaborative model empowers communities to come together and create opportunities for sustainable homeownership. Investors are investing in a portfolio of Australia-wide residential properties, not directly linked to a specific property.

Reduced Investor Risk

Investing in a property pool diversifies risk, ensuring returns without direct property links.

Accessible to Retail and Wholesale Investors

Accessible to all investors, our platform allows anyone to support homeownership in their community.

Support Multiple Children

One investment could support multiple family members, eliminating the need to pick favourites or find additional funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike a family guarantee, our solution provides a buffer between you and your family member, ensuring separate transactions. Additionally, you receive a return on your investment, which is spread across a pool of properties.

Absolutely! Our solution is open to both retail and wholesale investors. We’ve had employees, communities, individuals, and family members support our initiative. It’s open to anyone interested in contributing to their community’s homeownership journey.

All potential investors are required to consult with a financial advisor to determine if this investment aligns with their financial goals and risk tolerance. Our funder is Storehouse Residential Trust – a public residential trust. A PDS is available on their website here

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