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It’s tough for young professionals to get a foothold in the property market. Whether still living with parents, or paying high rents to a landlord, it can take years to raise a deposit.

Low deposit home loans for first home buyers are the answer. With HAS shared equity, low deposit first home buyers can break out of the home or rent trap and secure their financial future.

Your HAS can help families, professionals and single parent first home buyers to skip a decade of saving and achieve their dream of property ownership – right now.

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Get out of the rent cycle!

Why pay rent?

HAS shared equity means you can buy a house and pay it off for less than your rent instalments. It’s an affordable home loan scheme you can trust.

With a much smaller house deposit, you have a greater chance of securing a property in Sydney and Melbourne’s increasingly competitive housing markets.

How does our 2.5% deposit for 1st home buyer solution work?

Our HAS shared equity solution offers first home ownership in several easy steps.

– You select the property you want to purchase.

– You present your 2.5% deposit.

– A sponsor/investor places funds into a public residential trust.

– HAS shared equity boosts your deposit up to 20%.

– A broker arranges balance of finance, avoiding LMI.

Your sponsor/investor can be a family member, friend, colleague, community group or SMSF.  It’s up to you.

A sponsor/investor places funds into a public residential trust, and you share the property growth equity with the trust.

home loan process for single parents

Is this different from the federal 5% house deposit scheme?

Yes, it is. The First Home Guarantee (formerly First Home Loan Deposit Scheme) is a federal government program allowing first home buyers to buy a property using a 5% house deposit, without the need for LMI. This essentially means a mortgage of 95% LVR, which is generally subject to higher interest rates.

New places on the scheme are released at the start of each financial year. However, places are limited, and applicants need to meet strict eligibility criteria.

While 5% deposit home loans can be helpful, our HAS shared equity product requires half this deposit. It also offers low repayment rates for the first five years, making it a more accessible option.

Are you eligible?

How can HAS shared equity work for you? Test your eligibility. Start your journey today!

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