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brief about how sponsors can help

What is a shared equity sponsor?

When you buy a home with HAS shared equity, you need a sponsor to invest in the residential property trust.

Anyone, or any entity, can be a sponsor. This includes family (one or multiple members), friends, churches, and community organisations. You can also sponsor yourself. 

If parents invest, they don’t have to give a parental guarantee on the nominated property. They invest in the property trust, receiving a regular return on their investment.

Sponsors obtain a return on all the properties in the trust.  

An SMSF can choose to invest in the property trust, as part of a diversified investment strategy. An SMSF will need to obtain financial advice to make an investment.

shared equity sponsor

What is a SMSF sponsor?

Need a deeper dive into how HAS shared equity works in conjunction with an SMSF? Here is a great explainer video from one of our partners. 

Public Residential Trust

Your sponsors will need independent financial advice to invest their funds into a public residential trust.

Available for both retail and wholesale investors, this registered property trust offers a diversified residential property investment portfolio in Australia’s major cities.