How can shared equity help?

get help of shared equity

How can shared equity help you buy property?

Shared equity is a new and exciting alternative to traditional home loans. Already proven in other parts of the world, we want Australians to reap its full benefits.

We understand the many obstacles facing ordinary Australians when trying to enter the property market. That’s why we’ve tailored our product to suit you.

A HAS shared equity loan for first home buyers is the perfect way to realise your property dream.

It offers flexibility, a lower monthly repayment, and greater serviceability for your home loan.

So, you get to buy a property you can hand down through the generations.

get settled in your property with the help of shared equity home loans

A solution to current life challenges

Servicing a loan.

HAS shared equity helps you service your loan, despite rising interest rates and fluctuations in the economy. You pay 3.25% fixed interest on the shared equity portion of your loan, for five years. During this time, you enjoy reduced repayments, before full ownership payments kick in.

You also have the option to increase the HAS shared equity percentage to 37.5%, offering you greater serviceability and helping you meet increased living costs.

Coping with inflation.

Essential living costs just keep on rising. Combined with higher interest rates, it’s harder than ever to keep up. It’s also harder to meet serviceability requirements when applying for a standard home loan.

HAS shared equity can help. It means you can afford to buy a property sooner, and at a lower monthly cost. We can unlock the value of your super for a deposit, while leaving your super untouched for retirement.

Boosting your deposit.

Conventional home loans aim for 20% deposit and 80% mortgage, avoiding costly LMI when the loan exceeds 80%.
Under HAS shared equity, you only need a 2.5% deposit. We boost this by 17.5%, so you achieve a full 20% deposit, with no LMI.

That’s a lot of money. If parents help, they must usually give up security on their home, or make a non-refundable gift. However, if they act as a sponsor, HAS shared equity offers a return on their investment, along with reduced risk.

Benefits of shared equity

Only 2.5% required

HAS shared equity provides a great way to boost your deposit, which starts at a minimum of 2.5%. Government grants can also be used towards this deposit.

5 yrs - 3.25% fixed interests

Enjoy 3.25% fixed interest on your loan’s shared equity portion, for five years. With sponsorship, shared equity percentage can increase to 37.5%, to aid serviceability.


With no lender’s mortgage insurance required, you make a big saving. LMI can add thousands to your mortgage, costing between $10,000 and $40,000 on average.

Out of the rent cycle

Welcome to the ‘rent buster’. HAS shared equity helps you break out of the rent trap, avoiding eight-ten years of saving for a traditional deposit.

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